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Staff development took a giant leap at Woermann & Brock this year as the new course was brought in with new courses to follow. Woermann, Brock Swakopmund wants to start employees at orientation and introduction and, over the years move their way up the ranks. To make this possible we are doing a pre-employment training course, after tough selection, to make sure we have candidates who can develop their way from the bottom to the top.

Both internal and external people can start this course, giving them grounding in the basics, not only of work, but of retail and wholesale.

The subjects covered include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Basic conditions of employment
  • Merchandising
  • Point of sale
  • Counter Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Recognition of Prior Learning process

The last two are very important in making sure that candidates who start understand that this learning is not only on entry, but the start of a lifelong learning process. The courses which have been set up link  in with the Namibia Training Authority and the Namibia’s Qualifications framework to meet national standards not only of training , but of work and  qualifications.

This makes the whole process bigger than just Woermann, Brock Swakopmund, and means that Woermann, Brock Swakopmund is assisting the whole retail and whole sale industry to raise the level of employee s and partner with them, to create a work force that supports the economy and Vision 2030.

Eight courses have been done so far along with orientation days as the first day of the course this year. Out of that, we’ve had wonderful graduates who are on their first step of their journey of lifelong learning to be retail and wholesale professionals. The graduation was held and the success on their faces justified the planning and expense that has gone into creating this course, the first in Namibia in partnership with Pam Miller and Creatively Functional to ensure that we have sound principals that will all contribute to Vision 2030.

To apply for this course you need to have strong numeracy and communication skills, along with a positive attitude, so bring in your C.V and be tested for those skills to see if you can enter this course and jump start your professional career.