SmartSave is launched

Shop smart with SmartSave

Woermann Brock Coastal customers can now enjoy many additional benefits by shopping with the brand new SmartSave card.

The system gives points calculated on your purchases which you can use to take discount on future purchases.


When your card is scanned either before or during a purchase the central system captures it and calculates the points which is then added to the "Not Available" section of your SmartSave card account. On the 15th of every month those points are moved to the "Available" section and can now be used by you or saved to be used at a later stage.

Take note that all cards are reset to ZERO at the end of February every year. Don't be too concerned about this, because we will keep you informed via sms's or by other means.


Various competitions will now be created exclusively for SmartSave card-holders. You will be automatically entered without the need to fill in tedious entry forms or the like.

Additional Special offers

All SmartSave ard-holders will be eligible for additional special offers. These will be indicated on leaflets and we will send out sms's from time-to-time to keep you up-to-date with extraordinary offers.

Get your card today - it's FREE

You can get your card at any Woermann Brock Coastal store. Simply ask any cashier or store manager to assist you.

Terms and Conditions

Group Name:  Woermann Brock Swakopmund  – Meaning all 8 Retail Grocery and 4 Liquor stores in Swakopmund and/or Walvis Bay currently operating under this group name

  • The Woermann Brock Swakop SmartSave Reward program was written for Woermann Brock Swakopmund and will be operated and hosted by our system administrators.
  • Senior Management of Woermann Brock Swakopmund group of stores and their support team will be managing this system for all our current Retail stores allocated in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.
  • This SmartSave Card is open to any responsible individual and institution in Namibia.
  • This SmartSave card is only applicable and compatible on our coastal stores and is not functional with any other Woermann Brock inland system and/or any of their stores countrywide.
  • Only one (1) SmartSave card will be allowed per individual or Institution/Company.
  • In order to receive the full benefit of points and discounts earned with this system, it is vitally important that the applicant of this card will supply and continuously update us with the correct individual’s information.
  • Incorrect information supplied for this card will terminate the program for this card and holder or user.
  • Cardholders can update their details at any of our coastal Branches during operating hours.
  • The SmartSave card will stay the property of Woermann Brock Swakopmund. In the case of any abuse of the SmartSave card and or the Rewards system by individuals and/or Companies, the SmarSave Card in question and all points earned with this Card will be cancelled/or withdrawn and the card will be terminated. We reserve the right to prohibit such an individual and/or Company from using this SmartSave program service again.
  • Woermann Brock Management and staff will not be responsible and liable for loss, stolen or damage cards and the loss of Reward points and discounts in such case.
  • No claim can be raised against Woermann Brock Swakop in the case where SmartSave points have been used by any other individual or company than the card holder himself.
  • Any loss, stolen or damage cards must be reported to your nearest Woermann Brock Coastal branch immediately.
  • You have to apply for a new SmartSave Card when your card has been terminated due to loss, stolen or damage of Card. Rewards points will be deducted to the value of  N$20.00 to pay for a new SmartSave Card.
  • Woermann Brock Swakopmund reserves the right to terminate the SmartSave Rewards program at any time based on the company’s own discretion. Members will be notified via chosen communication medium on such a decision.
  • SmartSave points cannot be used for account payments.
  • SmartSave points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • SmartSave points cannot be exchanged between SmartSave Cards
  • SmartSave points or Rewards cannot be put up for guarantees or Credit at any company or individual and cannot be sold to individuals and or Companies.
  • The Woermann Brock SmartSave Card and points earned cannot be used at any other company for payment.
  • No change will be rendered when making a payment with SmartSave points
  • Your privacy is our first priority and we will respect that.
  • By issuing you this this card, our aim is to help make life easier for you by giving you piece of mind that this card will add value to your life when used regularly at our stores.
  • The information you have shared with us and the manner in how you utilise your card while shopping with us will enable us to:
  • Better understand Customer Shopping trends and preferences
  • Seasonal Shopping trends
  • With your approval we will get in contact with you with initiatives and special savings which will add value to your lifestyle.
  • Give you incentives in the form of reward points on a monthly basis and special discounts from time to time based on information gather over period of time
  • May share general information among Woermann Brock and their Business partners to bring you better offers and improved products & services to you as valuable shopper.
  • We reserve the right to allocated selected and timeously special offers and products to certain groups only within the Rewards Program based on information gathered
  • Group information maybe shared with external companies for market related research on national level to improve and uplift community life style.

How to earn points

  • Use your SmartSave card every time you make a purchase of N$ 5.00 or more to earn points
  • Points can be earned on all products bought at any Retail store of Woemrann Brock Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
  • Before you pay for your goods at the till, you will be asked to present your card to the till operator to scan your card in order to link your card to your upcoming purchase or transaction.
  • The system will then calculate the amount of points earned based on your transaction. Points earned on the transaction will then be allocated to your SmartSave card the next day.
  • All points allocated to your card during a 30 day period, will be approved and reflect on your card each month by the 15th.
  • You may then use these available points on your card to pay for goods at the till at your favourite Woermann Brock store at the coast.
  • If your card is not scanned before each transaction, no point can be earned based on the transaction. No Card –No Reward Points.
  • Although you will earn points on all products purchase each transaction– you will earn more Reward point on non-promotional items than items advertised on leaflet.
  • In the case where circumstances out of our reach – like system failure, power failure, service provider failure - delayed the process to allocate points to your card before the 15th of each month, the points will be available on your card as soon as the problem has been fix or on the 15th of the following month.
  • Woermann Brock Swakopmund reserves the right to amend the points earned rating to our own discretion form time to time when required.
  • Transactions with regards to Pre-paid and Financial services such as Pre-paid electricity,  Pre-paid airtime, Mobi-Pay transaction and E-Banking will not receive or earn Reward points.


How to Pay with your SmarSave Reward Points:

  • As from the 15th of each month you may use your approved points when making a purchase at the till.
  • You will have to inform the cashier in advance of your intention to pay your items purchased, with your Reward Points. Any outstanding amount after the deduction of the reward points needs to be paid by cash or card.


Saving of Reward points:

  • You may accumulate your points earned from March every year till End January, your will not be required to spend your Reward points on each purchased. You may save your Reward points for Xmas or a special occasion.
  • Once a year by end-January each year, you will be informed to spend all available Reward points allocated to your SmartSave Card. You will be granted 25 days to do so before end February of each year. All unused/unspent points will be terminated/cancelled by End February each year.



The SmartSave systemn was not created to replace any currency or to be seen as money.

Errors and Omissions Excluded