WB Coast Classic 2017



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When will this Cycle Event be hosted?

This event will be hosted on 30 September 2017, from 07h00 am for the 75km riders; 7:15 am for 45km riders and 7:30

for the 27km Fun Ride.


This Cycle Event will be hosted (Start & Finish) 13km outside Swakopmund, between the river plot road and the Swakop

River at Moonlight Resort.

Directions to this Venue:

  • Take B1 tar route out of Swakop in the direction of Usakos – 9km
  • Just after Nonidas - Turn right onto the gravel plot road
  • Drive 4km on plot road.
  • Moonlight Resort entrance on right next to the Plot road.

Woermann Brock Coast Classic Signs will indicate the route.

Who organizes this event:

Woermann Brock Swakop will be the main host and organizer of this event with the support of Cycles4U

How to enter in this event:

You have to complete an Entry form with all relevant details such as:

Name & Surname, ID number, contact detail, your Race selection etc.

You can collect your entry form for this event at the following places:

  • At Cycles 4 U - 15 Hidipo Hamuntenya Street, Swakopmund
  • Your Entry fee payment, together with your completed entry form, should only be made to Cycle4u or at any Woermann Brock Coastal supermarket.
  • Visit www.today.com.na

Cost of entry & entry Closure:

Entry Fee per cycle will be N$ 200.00 for the 75km, 45km and N$ 150.00 for the 27km Fun Ride

The Entry Fee includes your Namibian Cycle Federation (NCF) Day License fee.

Entry fee is not refundable

Cycles4U and Woermann Brock Coastal supermarket entries close on 28 September 2017.

Online entries close on 27 September 2017

Any Late Entries may receive only temporary race numbers, No Race timing and/or qualify for any Lucky Draw.

When & Where to register:

Registration will take place on Friday 29 September from 16h00 until 20h00 at Cycles4U Shop in Swakopmund – Hidipo

Hamuntenya Street – Close to WB Hardware & Building Supplies.

RACE BRIEFIEFING will be held at 19:00 on Friday evening 29 September at the registration venue – Cycles4U

Starting Time and Starting Line of Cycle Races:

  • 75km Race - Shotgun Start at 07:00 am at Moonlight Resort – 13km outside Swakopmund.
  • 45km Race – Shotgun Start at 07h15 am at Moonlight Resort – 13km outside Swakopmund.
  • 27km Fun Ride - Start at 7:30 am in Swakopmund at Moonlight Resort – 13km outside Swakopmund.

Finish line of Cycle races:

The Finish line for all Races will be at the same venue - Moonlight Resort – 13km outside Swakopmund.

Type of route/Bicycles types that can enter:

The 75km, 45km & 27km routes will be cycled mostly on hard gravel, rocky and off road single track routes with patches of sand in-between.

Only Mountain bikes will be allowed to compete. Fat bikes welcome too.

Categories, Prizes & Medals

  • Men will compete separate from Women
  • Different age categories can be competing in, in different classes: 75km & 45km

General Info

  • Minimum 3 riders per category for men and women - each
  • Electronic timing - all categories (incl Fun Ride)
  • Prizes 1-3 will be paid in Cash.
  • You have to be at the prize giving ceremony to claim your Lucky Draw prize.

Sponsorship Support attendance - sampling and product branding:

  • Our business partners and sponsors will join us on this day.
  • Product marketing and/or sampling may be done before, during and after this event.

Invitation and Challenge:

  • We hereby invite and challenge you to take part in this event.
  • More importantly – cyclist should enjoy themselves.

Important! Terms and Conditions.

Only two-wheel, human peddle powered off road and semi off road cycles may be used for these races. It is every rider’s

own responsibility to familiarize him/her with the safe operation or handling of such a bicycle. Each rider shall comply with all

applicable Namibian Cycle laws with regards to operating a bicycle. The rider will be responsible to ensure that his/her

bicycle is in proper mechanical condition and roadworthy to complete the entered course. All riders shall wear Bicycle safety

helmets which is secured and strapped under his/her chin. All riders shall keep as far left as possible on any road surface

where ever the route leads. No rider shall dispose any material, equipment or litter along the route. All riders should be on

the lookout for any other vehicle and stay out of harm’s way of any traffic. For your own safety and that of other riders all

riders shall respect each other during the course of the race and lend support where an emergency may occur. All riders

should complete the full entered coarse by pedaling the full course. Any riders who stops peddling or load his bicycle on the

support / sweeper vehicle will be deemed as retired from the race. All riders are required to complete the75km race

within 5 hours and 30 minutes, the 45km race within 4 hours 30 minutes. Time Cut-off point – Back riders will

be stopped at the last water checkpoint if not reach in specific time. Prize giving starts at 12:30

The 27km Fun Ride should be completed within 3 (three) hours. Each rider shall display his Cycle number in a clear and

visible spot. Any rider finishing without a number on the cycle and/or him/hers, will be deemed as none registered and would

therefore not qualify for any prize or medal. All riders shall get together at starting point of selected race. Any rider

attempting to start before the starting group or at any other place as the designating starting point will be disqualified from

the race. All riders shall stay on the designated route at all times. Any rider who attempt to take other routes than the

designated route will be deemed retired or disqualified. No riders shall get assistance from any other motorized vehicle to

complete part or the full entered course. This assistance will be deemed as illegal. Anyone who is identified to get illegal

assistance will be disqualified. Any rider who does not comply with the organizers' terms and conditions may be disqualified.

Woermann Brock reserves the right to use all photos and/or videos taken during this event for the purpose of future

marketing of this event and or Woermann Brock & Co themselves.

Ambulance conditions:

Emergency evacuations to hospital will be charged separately according to BHF rates and will be for the account of the

patient/Medical aid.

No costs to cyclist for patient treated on the spot.

Limitations & Liability

Each rider acknowledges and accepts the potential risks and hazards that come with this entered race. By taking part in this

race, each rider acknowledges and agrees that he/she participates in this race by own will and at his/her own risk. All riders

and participants are obligated to adhere to all rules, procedures and regulations of such a cycling event. Each rider accepts

and agrees that Woermannbrock as well as the organizers of this event, and all other assisting parties, accepts no

responsibility or liability for damages, losses, injury, disability, death, expense or liability whatsoever that may occur before,

during or after this event, in any manner to any participant. The participant therefore agrees that none of the organizers,

Woermannbrock and/or assisting personnel/individuals can be claimed from or against when taking part in this event.


Thank you

Woermann Brock Swakop Management